Information for people who require Covid negative certificate to travel

We are one of the medical practices appointed by the Consulate-General of Japan to issue COVID-19 clearance for travelers to Japan.
Please read the following information carefully regarding our procedure:

A. Testing and ID verification / consultation schedule:

1. How to apply: Please see C below. Once we have received your application, we will send you an email with booking information for no. 2 to no. 4 below.

2. 5-10 days prior to flight date: ID verification / consultation for the certificate will be performed by one of our doctors between 12pm-5:30pm on a weekday via video call.

3. Within 72 hours of departure:
PCR test to be performed at one of the designated private pathology collection centres. We will arrange the booking for you.

4. Within 24 hours from the PCR test, we will receive the result from the pathology company. The certificate will be issued by our doctor and sent to you via email, provided the test result is negative.

5. Print out the certificate and take it with you for your trip.

B. Fee structure:

$160 – fee is for a one stop shop at our clinic.

Urgent pathology request and liaison with patient and pathology company to optimise testing based on location, departure time and personal circumstances to ensure certificate arrives in time. This includes any necessary changes due to flight rescheduling etc.
Japanese language support 7 days per week.
ID Verification and issuing of Covid-19 Clearance Certificate by our Dr (as per latest requirement by Japanese Government).
Medical Liaison with lab in cases where results are positive / equivocal for further clarification / testing.

$140 – pathology test

Total $300 is to be paid after the ID verification by credit card via phone.
Please note: Covid-19 PCR testing fee and consultation fee for travel purposes are not claimable from Medicare.

If you do not live in Sydney area, please ask us about how we can organise your test and consultation.

C. How to apply:

If you would like to proceed, please email the following details to  (Please also call to ensure we have received your email on 02 92994661.)

1. Copy of your passport (photo page)
2. Covid Vaccination History
3. Phone number (please indicate-> iPhone, Android, others)
4. Android phone holders please let us know your preferred App for ID verification –WhatsApp or Zoom
(iPhone holders’ ID verification will be done via Facetime)
5. Suburb you currently reside in and where you will be 72 hours prior to departure
6. Flight date/Time/Airline